Announcement: Info you must know before using a Cam Walker


A cam walker is a specialized device designed to treat injuries to the foot by immobilizing it and allowing the healing process to take place.Such injuries can include ligament strains,limb fractures, Achilles tendon injury etc.

Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot , MediumYESYES2.4 poundsShort $$4.8
Cam Walker Fracture Boot, MediumYESYES2.8 poundsTall $$4.7

Ovation Air Cam Walker Walking Boot (Medium, Grey Sole)
YESYES2.0 poundsTall $$$4.0

Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walking Boot - Medium - BlackYESYES2.3 poundsShort $$$4.0

Ossur Equalizer Hi Top Walking Boot MediumYESNO2.4 poundsTall $$$4.0
Aircast SP Walker - Short Pneumatic - Medium
YESNO2.0 poundsShort $$$$4.0


It can easily be taken off on different occasions like when showering, which makes it quite convenient to use since it is not permanent placed on your foot for a long period of time.

Cam walkers can initially be walked in when the user is not in crutches.This helps the patient gain the use of his foot within no time accelerating the healing process tremendously.

Cam walkers have been designed to use velcro closures, which simply means they can accommodate any swelling on the foot by expanding.This is quite convenient when you compare it to the standard cast which can be quite painful when the foot swells.It is also worth noting that limb casts naturally become loose as time progresses, slowing down the healing process. Cam walkers however can always be tightened to make the fit tightly each time.

One major benefit of the Cam walker is that it tends to fix a patients ankle at an angle of 90 degrees which is quite helpful in healing.This angle however is often adjusted depending on the injury which makes it efficient due to the fact that they can be adjusted to accommodate this. Its ability to adjust makes it cater for different types of injuries on the ankle.

Some specially designed cam walkers come with air liners which can be adjusted through inflating them to get a more firmer fit.They however come at an extra cost.

Patients on Cam walkers are however advised to wear a shoe matching the height of the cam walker in order to avoid injuries such as back and hip pains. Never walk with a shoe that is not evenly matched with the cam walker as this can end up causing a more serious injury.



Using the cam walker generally depends on the time period you will be using it and the extent to which you have been injured. Using it also depends on the stage your injury is in. Initial stages require the ankle to be completely immobilized to allow it to heal effectively, but as the healing process progresses the ankle can then be allowed to move more freely.

The following are some great tips on how to use the Cam walker effectively to allow a healthy healing process:

Always follow your physicians schedule when it comes to wearing the device.This will help you stay on course without aggravating the injury.The cam walker should only be removed when your sleeping or bathing to lessen pressure on the injured ankle.Remember that the physicians schedule is there for a reason and its main aim is to make sure your ankle gets ample time to heal.Therefore no matter what happens ensure that you follow this schedule at all times.

It is important to put on an initial bandage on before wearing the cam walker.This helps to protect your ankle.

One of the most important tips of using a cam walker is to buy one that fits your ankle perfectly. Never buy either an oversized or an undersized device as it can cause more harm than good. The main rule should be that your cam walker should fit you the same way your shoe fits you. A smaller cam walker can be painful and very uncomfortable, while a larger one can easily make you fall down.

When wearing the device, ensure that you slip in your foot carefully into it to avoid any injuries. How comfortable the Cam walker is on your foot will determine how quickly you ankle heals. Make sure that it does fit comfortably.

Wrap the padding slowly on your foot until it is safely secured. Make sure that it is as comfortable as possible before using the velcro straps. It is worth noting that patients should never pull the velcro straps so tightly on the ankle as this may cut out blood circulation on the foot leading to more problems.


Some patients using the device have complained of having some redness on the ankle on the initial stages of using the device. However, the redness should disappear with time. Make sure you see a physician in cases where the redness does not go away.

The cam walker can be quite a harmful for patients suffering from diabetes as it might cause a lot of problems, if irritations are not handled on time. These patients should be in constant communication with their physician to ensure that any irritation or infection is handled in time before it turns septic.

The device should always be cleaned when it becomes dirty or grubby. Ensure that you wash the form lines using soap and cold water.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the state of your cam walker.Ensure that any damage to the device is well looked into by seeking the advice of a qualified physician into whether it needs to be replaced or not. This will ensure that your healing process is kept on track.

Cam walkers are very important in the healing process of an injured ankle. This is mainly because they tend to immobilize the ankle giving it time to heal and return back to normal functions.

In summary always get one that fits you right, seek the help of a physician and follow his strict guidelines, to ensure that you are back on your feet within no time!

Best Pain Relief Homeopathic Remedies 2016 – For your Sprained Ankle

I HATE taking Meds Because of SideEffects…But Love taking These Homeopathic Remedies, with NO sideeffects.

If you are like me, you must HATE taking pain relief meds. They take away your pain, but cause you other problems like stomach, kidney, or liver problems, etc. That´s why I use Homeopathic Pain Relief Remedies. I made this list, from the remedies I usually use when I have pain and or inflamation caused by Martial Art bruises, sprains, etc.

Please, as with everything we endorse on this site, please ask your medical doctor first…This is not Medical Advice.


Almost everyone of the Homeopathic Remedies I use has Arnica Montana as the main remedy. Arnica Montana helps treating your Inflammation.

This is one of the Healing Fast Tips I give you when you sign up to our mailing list. In order to heal fast, you have to use Arnica Montana. The roots contain derivatives of thymol, which are used as fungicides
and preservatives and may have some anti-inflammatory effect.

This remedy comes in the form of little pellets, that are easy to swallow. They provide systematic action to the whole body to bring relief to everywhere it hurts.

You may buy it at:

You may also try out, Hyghland’s:

Arnica Montana 30X (Bruises & Muscle Soreness) Hylands 250 Tabs

Arnica cream or oil has long been used externally to treat bruising, soft tissue damage and the shock of impact, whether from falling or being struck.
Bruises are reabsorbed more quickly after the use or application of arnica.

Boiron Arnicare Arnica Gel, Homeopathic, 2.6 Ounce Australia’s #1 Pain Relief Cream Now Available in the USA – Arnica, Eucalyptus & Emu Oil – 3.5oz – 3 Times More Arnica than other Pain Creams [Chosen by Sufferers of Back, Neck & Muscle Pain – Reduces Arthritis Pain & Joint Inflammation]


If you think that these are too simple, as in single Potentization, you could try out an excellent Homotoxicology Remedy…


Traumeel is from Heel laboratory and has been the defacto treatment for mild to moderate pain associated with trauma or  inflammatory and degenerative processes. Traumeel has a good mix of homeopathic remedies. It is composed of Aconitum Napellus, Arnica Montana, Belladonna, Bellis Perennis, Calendula Officinalis, Chamomilla, Echinacea, Hamamelis Virginiana, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Hypericum perforatum, Mercurius Solubilis, Millefolium, and Symphytum Officinale.

I mostly use Traumeel, as it is more complex, but fights pain and inflammation from different angles. It helps me fight bruises, hemorrhages, pain, high temperature, ulcers, etc.

You may buy it at 

Or you may need also Traumeel Liquid:

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Another great solution would be to use:

Buy them from: 


Well I hope these help you out with your healing! If you have a question, or comment about them, or just to say Hi….please don´t hesitate to comment!




Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative (Review)

If you are using your crutches, but just like I did, have been prone to have sore arms after a day´s walk, you might need the alternative to crutches.
There are various alternatives, but today we will be reviewing the Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative. Some of the Steerable knee walkers are not so much “steerable”, some of them you can´t really steer the wheels, but with the Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum model you can.

“Unlike other knee walkers that offer only forward-facing front wheels, Drive Medical’s Steerable Knee Walker features a fully maneuverable pair of front wheels for superior ease of use.”

The leg pad is very comfortable! I just loved the feel of the knee channel on the pad. It definitely helped me with steering the walker.

If you fear that you will not be able to stop the walker, stop fearing. This walker has excellent hand brakes. They adjust to your grip, even if your hands are small like mine. The break reacts to your finger tips, and the walker stops; even in slopes.

Another fear I had was that it wouldn´t get pass my house doors. I live in a not to big, almost apartment like house. But it got past perfectly. In case you´re wandering, its width is 17 inches, so it managed to pass through all my doors, and since it really is steerable, there was no problem moving aroung in my house. At first I had a little trouble with my dog… he barked every time I used It! Two days later, he was bored of me using it, and didn´t bark any more.

A big CON I saw with this model, is that for some people, and I don´t know WHY…It didn´t happen with mine, is that the left hand break lever broke. But now worries, there are spare parts available. Here is a quote from someone that happened (Amazon Quote):

” The left hand break lever broke…can I buy a replacement
A: That is a flaw in the design. I had two go on me. Depending on the age of the machine, you can contact for a defective unit and they will arrange for a replacement cable to be sent to you. With the second defective cable, they sent me a whole new scooter and had me return the defective to them (Amazon). Excellent customer service!”

Air Cam Walker/Cast Boot With Shock Absorbers (Fracture Boot) Review

Shoebaum is the world’s first patented Air CAM Walker with loaded spring shock absorbers! They will reduce the impact of walking on the injured leg.

A great benefit is that you may use Shoebaum on a broken leg, without needing a cast. It won´t make your leg smell bad, and will protect it even better than a regular cast. The spring shock absorbers are disposable, so you may use it caring only for your leg, and not worrying about breaking a cast, denting it. You may use it during post-operative care.

Shoebaum has a patented three part shock system that will make your leg comfortable, even if you walk on rocks.

If you are Diabetic, it will benefit protecting you against diabetic neuropathies because Shoebaum Walker Boot substantially reduces compression of the microvascular structures of your foot and ankle.

If you are looking for comfort, while your foot is healing, this boot is well built and much more comfortable than any normal cam walker.

All in all, it is a great product and if you are willing to pay its price, you will get the best comfort and protection that your foot and leg can have, you´ll not regret it.

Aircast Sock Liner for Aircast Walkers (Review)

If you own an Air Cast boot, you definitely will need an Aircast Sock Liner. It is the perfect companion for your boot. It is used to create a barrier between the boot and the skin, to absorb any sweat and decrease friction.

It is very comfortable and soft, much more comfortable than a regular sock. Has slight padding, and very breathable, with a slight elasticity. With the Aircast Sock Liner, you will be no longer getting rubbing sores from the cast.

Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walking Boot (Review)

People, suffering from ankle injuries, often purchase low cost walking boots. This is a cause of concern since such boots hardly offer any stability to the wearer. Due to this, the ankle region is damaged to the point that surgery is the only option left to fix it. The best way to protect your injured ankle is to purchase a cam boot that provides adequate support t the ankle, keeps it immobilized so that it does not get damaged even more, and simultaneously provide freedom to the other parts of the leg, allowing the wearer to move around freely. Apart from this, the user should also check for other factors before purchasing a cam boot. Does the same last for a long time, are replaceable soles available, does it have enough ventilation points, does the cam boot have an integrated air pump, and much more. The Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walking Boot offers all these aspects and much more. In fact, it is so comfortable that users feel as if they are wearing a normal boot.

At the same time, this boot puts extra grip on the ankle, so that it stays stable, thereby permitting healing to take place quickly. In fact, this boot is suitable for persons with stable foot fractures as well. Putting on and taking off the boot is a piece of cake, thanks to the front placement straps. On certain occasions, the wearer might like to keep the entire foot stable, instead of just the ankle. Inflating the integrated bag with the help of an included pump achieves this task. The special Flex Edge overmold technology allows this special cam boot to adjust to the size of the foot, thereby relieving the pressure points. Walking with a cheap boot on your injured feet can lead to serious injuries. However, the rocker bottom of the Ossur ensures that you can walk naturally and with a stable gait. If you feel any problem with the sole of the foot, go ahead and trim it until you find it comfortable. The semi-rigid toe bumper of this cam boot gives extra protection against injury.

The price factor of a cam boot is a cause of concern for many persons. This particular model by Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walking Boot addresses that as well. Despite being sturdy and comfortable, it retails for one third the price of its competitors. This is the best cam boot available, especially for those whose ankle injuries does not require a tall boot. The lower size of this boot allows the user to perform moderate exercises as well. The top of this boot is simply awesome. Wear it and see how the top adjusts itself with your foot. This boot is ideal for those who suffer from ankle injuries and for those who have had a surgery on their foot and are in the rehabilitation stages as well. Try it out today. You can rest assured that you will never find a more comfortable cam walker offering so many features, at such a low price.

Air Equalizer Low Top Walking Boot

Stabilize Your Wounded Ankle Quickly With Ossur Rebound Air Tall Walking Boot (Review)

An injured ankle can leave a person in great pain and restrict his walking abilities for several days, depending on the nature of the injury. Though fixed plaster casts are an option, they have many disadvantages. Those who wear such casts cannot walk properly. Apart from that, they have no access to the injured area. The situation becomes worse if the person stays in a hot and humid area. In such a case, perspiration accumulated on the affected region cannot evaporate. This can lead to delays in healing, since the region is wet. In some cases, small insects like red ants enter the area beneath the plaster and bite the skin, causing untold agony for the helpless patient. The best solution in such cases is to put on a cam walker.

These walkers, designed to provide support to the injured ankle and the regions around it, allows the injured person to walk comfortably as well. However, one needs to be careful while purchasing such an accessory and buy one that meets his budget and provides him with maximum comfort. Ossur Rebound Air Tall Walking Boot, Large is one of the best cam walkers available. Typically, these boots last for a month or so. However, the price is so low, that one can easily afford an extra pair and still pay less than that the cost of purchasing a single premium brand cam boot. However, do not let the price misguide you into believing that this is a low quality cam boot.

In fact, it contains many features that are not found in higher priced models. The full shell support of this boot makes sure that the injured area remains immobilized and the same time, this boot allows complete freedom to the rest of the foot. This means that you can walk easily without worrying about your injured ankle. The interior of this boot contains a moisture wicking liner. However, wearing soft and absorbent cotton socks, before wearing the boot provides extra protection against perspiration, particularly in humid areas. This helps to prevent build up of germs. The manufacturers seem to have designed this boot specifically for people living in humid regions. The ample number of ventilation points distributed throughout the boot proves this point. An integrated inflation bulb along with a pump allows the user to increase or decrease pressure on their foot. This ensures that the boot grips the foot tightly. Add to this the Walker shell, which is custom designed to fit more calf sizes, and you will understand why this cam boot is the favorite of orthopedics.

The manufacturers have spared no pain while designing the rocker bottom of this boot to ensure that the wearer can walk naturally and with a stable gait. A pair of placement straps in the front permits the user to easily put on and take off the boot. As with any other cam shoe, you will have to buy an additional pair of normal boots with a high heel, which adjusts with the extra high sole of this awesome cam boot.

Heal Your Ankle Injury With A Proper CAM Walker

Most people relate ankle injuries to sports injuries. However, this is not the reality. Any person, regardless of his age can suffer from it.

According to a rough estimate, more than one million people suffer from ankle injuries.

The ankle is the meeting point of three vital bones… the fibula and tibia that lie in the lower leg, and the talus that lies in the foot. Ligaments (strong elastic bands of connective tissues) hold these bones together at the ankle joint, permitting normal movement of the ankle. The tendons keep the muscles attached with the bones. The ankle becomes sprained when the ligaments are damaged.

On the other hand, when the bones connecting the ankle get cracked, it is termed as a fracture. Ankle injuries occur when the joint of the ankle is twisted beyond its normal position. Even wearing high-heeled boots for the first time can cause ankle injuries if the user is unable to balance her body. Both of these injuries cause immense pain and do not allow the injured person to walk normally. In such a situation, a CAM walker helps support the ankle, permits the injured person to walk without aggravating the injury. However, you can heal your ankle injury faster by following the cam walker instructions provided below.

  • Always choose a cam walker manufactured by a reputable company. This ensures that your injured foot gets proper support.


  • If the injury is severe, make sure that you opt for a model, which has adjustable straps.


  • Visit the doctor and get the rest of your foot checked. If the injury is restricted to the ankle zone, a short eight boot is sufficient. However, if other parts of your foot are injured as well, then you need to go for a taller boot. Such boots also allow you restrict the movements of other parts of your leg.


  • Check the material of the boot. It should be tough and should grip your ankle in such a way, so that it remains immobilized. This permits the injury to heal faster.


  • Check the height of the sole of the cam walker. You will have to purchase another pair of boot whose sole height matches that of the cam walker. This ensures that both your feet touch the ground properly and you do not have to limp.


  • Purchase a cam walker that has adjustable straps, especially if you plan to purchase a tall boot. As the injury heals, the swelling on your foot subsides. Boots containing velcro straps permit you to adjust its internal diameter. This ensures that the boot is always tightly fitted on your feet.


  • If you wear the boot for a prolonged period, check its sole for wear and tear. If required, replace the sole with a new one. It is a good idea to purchase a new sole from the same online store from which you purchased the original cam walker.


  • Always wear cotton socks, especially if you live in a hot and humid area.


  • Take care of your boot, spray it with antifungal spray and dry it in sunshine on a regular basis.

What Is A Cam Walker Boot And Who Needs It?

Also known as `controlled ankle motion boot,’ the Cam walker boot is required by individuals who have injured their ankle (it can be either a sprain or a fracture) and also by those who have suffered from a fracture in their foot.

It is typically recommended for persons suffering from tendonitis, ligament tear and soft tissue injuries of the foot. These boots control the movement of the foot during the rehabilitation process. Unlike a standard cast, the user can remove these boots while taking a shower or while allowing medicine. Apart from that, the design of these boots permits the user to walk without the help of crutches.


Since cam walker boots utilize velcro closures, they can accommodate changes in the injured foot such as swelling, which is not possible with the traditional casts. People using standard casts in their foot often find that the same becomes loose during the final stages because of disuse atrophy of the muscles. However, those wearing CAM walker boots do not face such problems as they can tighten it progressively, thanks to the velcro closures that permits the boots to be loosened or tightened. Though most CAM walkers are designed to fix the ankle at 90º, some of them are articulated, thereby allowing the range of motion of the ankle to be adjusted incrementally.

Since the heel of a CAM boot is thicker than that of a normal boot, the user should wear a boot of matching heel height on the other foot. This will prevent them from developing back and hip pain. If you want more comfort, purchase a fracture boot that contains pneumatic liners. Though they are costlier than the normal types, they contain inflated cells that provide a comfortable fit around the ankle. It is important to check the liners of such boots and see if they contain foam. This provides comfort to the wearer and keeps them stable. The foot rest of such a boot is usually made of plastic. Its side contains a joint mechanism and aluminum struts that helps to keep the ankle in place. While wearing such a boot, the user should put his injured foot into it and then place it flat against the sole (foot rest).

Following this, the user should wrap the liner securely around his leg and fix it in position with the help of the velcro straps. If the user’s foot perspires a lot, it can moisten the interior of the boot, leading to the growth of fungus. While this can be avoided to a certain extent by wearing a cotton sock, the user should also dry the boot in sunshine while it is not being used. They can also spray the inside of the boot with anti-fungal spray. This eliminates the odor causing fungus. The wearer should also wash the liner at least once a week. Most CAM boots contain a user’s guide. Read the instructions provided in the guide to prolong the life of the boot. Never use harsh detergent to wash the liner. It is better to use mild soap along with cold water for this purpose. After washing, dry the boot thoroughly, before wearing it again.


On a typical basis, the liners last for six to seven weeks. If the user notices any signs of wear or tear on it, he should get it replaced as soon as possible. It is a good idea to get the replacements from the same store from which the boot was purchased. This assures that the user will get an ideal replacement. The user should not attempt to pull the velcro fasteners too much as this action can prevent proper circulation of blood in the affected region, thereby prolonging the healing process. The user should also check his foot on a regular basis. If they find any rashes or redness due to contact with the liners, they should contact their physician. Those who live in regions that have low levels of humidity can purchase normal foam lined boots. However, those who reside in areas that has high temperatures and high levels of humidity should purchase a CAM walker boot containing breathable foam liners. Though many companies manufacture this orthopedic device, the user should always purchase one manufactured by a reputable company. It might cost more, but will heal your injury faster. On the other hand, an improper boot might cause more damage to your foot. The user should check the joint mechanism before finalizing their purchase. This mechanism should be adjustable in small increments permitting the user a specific ROM (range of motion).

This range can vary from two degrees to 45 degrees, which allows the user to control the therapy. The CAM walker boots are available in several variations. Some of them offer adjustable vertical aluminum bars plus a metal rocker on the sole. The height of the boot depends on the nature of injury and how much of the leg needs to be stabilized. Certain boots also allow the user to adjust the tightness of the foam with the help of an embedded air chamber. The user can inflate or deflate this chamber to achieve the optimum level of comfort. Certain boots also contain constructed joints that can be adjusted by hand, thereby eliminating the need of a tool. A good CAM walker should have its ankle adjusted at 90 degrees. Its forefoot should be rigid as well. This restricts the movement of the injured ankle or foot, ensuring that it is not agitated.

Regardless of the quality of the boot, there are certain points that the user needs to be careful about. They should ensure that the heel of their injured foot is properly seated in the brace. A proper boot should meet the toes of user at his forefoot section. If there are any doubts, the user should consider consulting an orthopedician (a bone specialist) to decide the type of CAM walking boot that is suitable for him. These shoes are available in different sizes and can be purchased from online stores that sell orthopedic equipment.

Air Cast Boots Offer Maximum Comfort To Your Injured Foot

air cast

Have you fractured your foot and are on the lookout for a suitable solution that will help you to walk again, without causing any further damage to the injured area?


While you have several options available, none of them can provide your foot with the same degree of comfort and ease as the air cast boot. You can opt for a traditional plaster (recently replaced by fiberglass) cast, but it imposes too many restrictions.

You have to cover the cast with a waterproof cover while bathing, else it gets wet. Apart from this, if any part of your foot covered by the cast starts itching, you cannot access it. You cannot check your foot for any swelling or inflammation because the cast is fixed and is removed six to eight weeks after fixing.


You can also opt for special boots, known as cam walkers, for healing your injured foot. You can remove them while you are bathing and when you want to inspect your foot. The firmness of such boots facilitates the healing process by stabilizing the fractured region. These boots contain special aluminum struts to keep the ankle fixed.

The disadvantages of such boots are that their heel is thicker. This means that you have to purchase a different boot with a higher heel for your other foot so that both feet align with the ground properly, permitting you to walk comfortably. Available in different sizes, these boots also contain velcro straps that allow you to increase or decrease the inner diameter of the boot so that it attaches properly with your foot.


However, these boots have several disadvantages. Their soles wear out within a few weeks forcing you to purchase a replacement. Apart from that, the CAM boot does not allow air to flow inside the boot. This can be a nuisance, especially if you stay in a hot and humid place. You have to wash such boots on a regular basis and spray them with antifungal spray to eliminate traces of fungi that breed in dark and moist places. These boots are not suitable for persons who have an abnormal limb length or calf circumference


The air cast boot provides all the advantages of the CAM boot along with many other features. These boots are ideal for people whose calf circumference or limb length does not allow them to use the normal CAM walker. They provide maximum comfort and protection against injury to the patient. The foot base of such shoes has ample space, thereby providing excellent comfort. It has a low rocker sole that promotes improved mobility. The lightweight flexible shell of the air cast boots contains a pre inflated frontal aircell. It also has two changeable aircells in the malleoli. The hand bulb provided with these boots allows the user to inflate any or both of these aircells so that the boot fits comfortably and provides secure support to the injured ankle. The adjustability of these boots is a boon since it accommodates changes in limb dimension during the healing process without compromising on stability. Since these boots are available in different sizes, the patient can be sure that he will get one that meets his requirements. The top quality models also provide edema (swelling) control, apart from protection and comfort of the patient’s foot.

The costlier models of air cast boots also boast of overlapping duplex aircells that line the shell, thereby providing total shell protection. This helps reduce swelling of the foot much faster than traditional CAM boots do. The special technology integrated into these boots absorbs shock and dissipates it as well. Simultaneously, the lightweight material of the shoes combined with the rocker sole encourage a natural gait, allowing the injured person to continue with his daily activities effortlessly. Most such shoes have shells made of polypropylene and their front panel is made with HDP (high density polyethylene) and nylon straps. These shoes have lined aircells both in its anterior and posterior, which can be inflated with the supplied inflation pump. The outer liner is made from nylon, the foam is made from polyurethane, whilst polyester is used for the inner mesh. The outer and inner sole of the air cast boots are made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and rubber respectively.

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